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JARA Corporation communicates with the world in 4 languages, not only with Japan, through the monthly “JARA NEWS – Overseas Edition”, reporting on trends and news in the automotive recycling industry both in Japan and overseas.
(Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

2019 edition

・Auto industry symposium highlights CASE Expert says, It is a bigchallenge

・Insurers to speed up accident response by AI AI makes the determination of damage cases in shorter time

・NEDO to test auto recycling in Thailand

・Welcome to JARA Partner Manufacturer World Parts Co., Ltd .

・Transport ministry to establish guidelines for OTA updates

・JAPRA and BEST hold joint New Year's Celebration

・JARA holds a friendship meeting with partners in rebuilt parts and genuine parts production

・METI to establish CO2 recycling technology

・Welcome to JARA Partner Manufacturer East Japan Recycling Resources Co. (EARC)

・JARA holds workshop to strengthen front-desk staffs' capabilities

- February vol.132 -

・Make 2019 the year for chance!

・METI to help MaaS diffusion

・Ford and Volkswagen form global partnership

・Nihon Automobile College exhibits customized cars using recycled parts at Tokyo Auto Salon

・Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 opens

・The 11th AAEF held in India, confirms the importance of ties between recyclers and automakers

・JARA and partners join old cars festival in Odaiba

・China's ban on waste plastics import brakes shredding operations in Japan

・Toyota Tsusho increases Lithium carbonate output in South America

・ELV acceptance expected to grow for two consecutive years

2018 edition

- December vol.130 -

・JARA President Kitajima delivers a lecture in India

・Eleventh AAEF organized in India for the first time

・JARA holds BP cost estimate technique workshop

・Turbo Techno Service expands supply of rebuilt VGS turbo

・Carec celebrates its 45th anniversary

- November vol.129 -

・JARA Corp. holds hybrid car diagnostics seminar

・JARA Group hosts Production Manager Step 2 Workshop

・GMO Cloud promotes IoT solutions to auto industry

・BRE Kanto delivers a sense of security through an invoice showing a portrait of its employees

・Shin-Etsu Denso Co. exhibits at agricultural exhibition

・JARA expands its guarantee for members starting in November

・JARA holds block meetings in 5 regions

・Increasing exports of used hybrid vehicles might affect auto recycling

・Extreme summer heat increases the sales of recycled electric parts

・Portable reader of license plate numbers tested, to be used nationwide this autumn

- September vol.127 -

・JARA supports disaster reconstruction efforts after heavy rainfall in western Japan

・JARA Group holds front desk staff step 1 workshop

・Asian Automotive Environmental Forum to take place in India this fall

・U. S. repair shop receives 3.5-billion-yen compensation instruction due to inappropriate repair

・Automobile dismantlers still in decline, more than a thousand locations cut in a decade

・JARA joins disaster reconstruction efforts after record rainfall

・JARA holds next-generation vehicle seminar

・JARA Group holds workshop for production management staff

・Transport ministry offers special measures in response to the western Japan heavy rain, extending the license period of vehicles involved in the disaster

・ELV acceptance up 3.1% in April-June 2018, JARC says

・Scan tool subsidy to include BP shops

・NPO-JARA eyes human resources development

・JAERA, JAPRA to aim for monolithic solidarity

・JARA holds introductory seminar

・3R Promotional Association announces excellent activities

・Environment ministry announces report on Nanocellulose Vehicle Project

・JARA creates four expert groups

・Electrified vehicles account for over 10% in used vehicle exports

・Toyota president steers toward building a mobility company

・METI supports "flying car" development in 2020s in view of commercialization

・JARA denoting September as "Rebuilt Parts Month"

・METI hosts strategy meeting for new automobile era

・Toyota Tsusho to collaborate with Australian energy firm

・Japan's strategy to encompass the Asian market to counter China

・Transport ministry approves interim report on OBD inspection

・JARA Group announces its business policy for FY2018 focusing on further expansion of parts distribution and sales

・Toyota Tsusho joins a project utilizing ELV-derived resin

・Daiko Corporation President Yukiyoshi Domon takes the post of JARA Group Chairman

・JARA requires a robot suit as a safe working measure

・"A SPRINGBOARD FOR THE 2018 JAPANESE DOMESTIC MARKET" Interview with industry leadersYasuo SakaiPresident of Japan ELV Recyclers Association

・Current status and issues in the automotive recyclling market (1)

・Mogee, a JARA member, develops used car business centering on recycling

・JAERA and JAPRA to finalize merger talks General Assembly to take place in June

- February vol.120 -

・JARA sees a 10% increase in parts procurement for FY2018

・This year JARA offers users use of its ATRS free of charge

・ELV acceptance rose in 2017 for the first time in three years

・Automotive technical colleges exhibit customized cars at Tokyo Auto Salon

・Japanese automakers' dilemma regarding new import legislation in Vietnam

・Toyota and Panasonic to explore automotive prismatic battery business for developing better products

・JARA holds introductory course for front desk work in Shizuoka

・Three recyclers set up a car repair factory in Bangladesh

・ELV acceptance rises in 2017 - over 3.2M for the first time in three years

・Jikenkai study group celebrates its 25th anniversary

2017 edition

- December vol.118 -

・JARA makes presentation at the Asian Automotive Environmental Forum

・Toyota Industries develops 40% lighter plastics for rear window

・500 people gather to remember Goro Domon

・Toyota and Aioi Nissay develop new Telemetics insurance

・Toyota Tsusho and NEXTY form a capital alliance with four software venders

・Toyota Metal performs memorial service for ELVs

- November vol.117 -

・JARA makes presentation at the 2017 World Remanufacturing Summit in Singapore

・JARA conducts BP workshop for door panel repair

・JARA conducts hybrid vehicle workshop in Shizuoka

・METI to commercialize AI-aided material development

・Kubota Auto Parts hosts first "Field Trip for Children"

・JARA holds ATRS regional workshop in Tokyo

・JARA and manufacturers of new and rebuilt parts hold a gathering

・MOE hosts Summer Trial for students

・JARA distributes area sheet

・Exports of electrified used vehicles top 100,000 units a year

・Damaged vehicles lure overseas buyers with low cost

・<Welcome to JARA member Recycler> Kawashima Co. going steady on a strong customer base

- September vol.115 -

・Toyota, Mazda form capital alliance on common view toward car making

・Mazda to introduce compression ignition gasoline engine "SkyActive-X" in 2019

・San tools expand subsidy program

・Hybrid vehicles increase in ELV acceptance

・MLIT, MOE to prolong launch of eco-premium program

・<Welcome to JARA Partner Rebuilt Parts Maker> Urawa Industry, Matsui Universal Joint Corp.

・JARA Group holds its first joint working level seminar

・JARA Group holds its first winch operation trainings

・Automotive Engineering Exposition 2017 Nagoya opens

・METI approves JIS in three months at the earliest

・Transport ministry to include "fuel economy" in safety standards

・Toyota to halve hydrogen supply chain costs, conduct verificaiton using fuel cell forklifts

・President Kitajima delivers a lecture in Malaysia

・JARA holds estimation work seminar for BP business

・Takahashi Shoukai celebrates its 35th anniversary

・NPO-JARA approves business plans

・JAERA to create excellent recycler system

・METI to talk with Vietnam, eyeing an automotive alliance

・JARA Group donates to the reconstruction of areas damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake

・JARA holds its first sales-volume-based workshop for members

・Honest Co. focuses on human resource development

・Cyber attacks spread even across the auto industry

・Ministries to make 2 times over-emissions illegal

・Toyota's Prius PHV to be put to the test

・Takata airbag recalls seriously impact recyclers

・Greenhouse gas emissions down 2.9% in 2015

・JARA's Partner Rebuilt Maker Japan Rebuilt Co. focuses on truck parts

・Scan tools expand in repair and recycling businesses

・Toyota to begin demonstration tests of fuel cell vehicle in China

・JARA announces business policy for FY2017

・Sales target of hybrid vehicls achieved ahead of government schedule for 2030

・The 3rd report of the Auto Recycling Summit / Daily Automotive News - Groups seeking to overcome diffuculties

・Two recycler groups hold a joint New Year Gathering

・Mitsumori Corporation, sales of 'replace' parts go well

・Current status and issues for the auto recycling market

- February vol.108 -

・JARA aims to purchase 10% more rebuilt parts in FY2017

・Kurihara to head JAPRA, eyeing closer contact with ELV association

・Launch of U.S. Trump administration has auto industry watching

・ELV acquisition falls for two consecutive years under growing exports

・METI and fair trade commission set panels for big data competition policy

・Recycling Businesses

・Government to speed up public data disclosure

・Strategic HQ for autonomous driving launched by transport ministry

・Environment ministry to introduce carbon price system, eyeing carbon tax

・Tesla Motors gets closer to full self-driving

2016 edition

- December vol.106 -

・Rising ELV acquisition at JARA to hit 25,000 units in 2016

・JARA holds BP workshop for front desk staff

・JARA joins precision engineering working group to participate in joint research on remanufacturing of used goods

・Insurers accelerate response to autonomous driving

- November vol.105 -

・JARA holds basic workshop for production managers at Mie Parts

・Hida Tec wins '10th Straight Year Special Award'

・Government calls for voluntary rules for house and car sharing

・Government to prepare disaster-damaged vehicle recycling system

・METI introduces new approval rule for high-pressure hydrogen gas stations

・JARA to start using tablet terminal for recycled parts production

・JARA introduces new settlement service to aid members' cash management

・Talks with rebuilt GP parts partners

・Environment ministry to set commom, category-crossing collection scheme

・Transport ministry to create guidelines to enable foreign technical trainees to acquire Class 2 car mechanic license skills within 5 years

- September vol.103 -

・JARA delivers parts information via social networking services

・JARA Group holds Hokkaido-Tohoku block meeting with plant tour at Sankei Shokai

・Kubota Auto Parts holds vehicle recycle festival

・JARA to increase parts sales in Okinawa

・JARA to assist members using 'big data'

・JARA adds parts name conversion function to auction tool

・MLIT to mandate seatbelt warning for all passenger cars Regulations set to go into effect in spring 2017

・NPO-JARA announces new executive team Takahashi takes post of chairman

・JAERA reshuffles executive team

・Kanamori Shokai Co. *New restroom for guests and female employees *Raising employee satisfaction and quality of services

・Environment ministry urges carmakers to use more reuse plastics Providing incentives for vehicles that use high volume of reuse materials

・JARA News marks 100th issue

・JARA Members Topics on Focus - Okano Jidousha renovates its headquarters

・JARA Members Topics on Focus - Ishikawa demonstrates ecology through automotbie recycling

・JARA helps reduce 48,325 tons of CO2 in FY2015

・Government begins considering controls on used airbag

・Yamagata-based designer to market accessory bags made using used seatbelts and airbags Collaboration with local automobile recycling factory

・Takahashi to take post of JARA chairman. Domon to serve as honorary chairman

・JARA group aims to increase sales 20% in this fiscal year, expanding domestic business

・The Tomorrow of Automotive Recycling - Summary of the second Automotive Recycling Summit -

・Scrap steel prices continue to fall, severely impacting on recycling businesses

・JARA to establish its own quality standards for rebuilt-parts

・Logistics study group to decide the best packing methods in February, and distribute videp to each group

・Toyota Prius fully redesigned for the first time in six years

・Waseda Institute agrees with Australian recycler to develop Green Point System

・JARA promotes recycled parts at old-car festivl

2015 edition

・Takata and NHTSA reach agrement on airbag recall

・Revised international standards to allow cars with no mirrors

・Asian Automotive Environmental Forum attracts 200 visitors from Japn and overseas

・METI, MOE to push for taking thorough guidance, as airbag resales continue

・Number of dismantlers down by more than 10% in FY2014

・JARA holds front desk skills competition

・Recycled auto-parts logistics study group holds regular meeting

・METI to keep subsidy for EVs and PHVs for next fiscal year

- September vol.91 -

・JARA becomes 3-time winner of Energy Globe Award

・BEST holds practical business training for members

・Daiko Corporation expands agricultural products cultivation and processing business

・The 8th Asian Automotive Environmental Forum (AAEF) to take place in Akita

・BEST holds basic training workshop for new employees

・News from NPO JARA : The 8th Asian Automotive Environmental Forum (AAEF) to take place in Akita

・Imai Cars in Miyagi uses disaster as springboard for stregthening operations

・"Signs of globalization in auto recycling" Psrt 1. New wave

・Eco-friendly vehicles take stage at Shanghai motor show

・Royal Auto Parts accelerates vehicle collection to survive

・10th year of introduction of automobile recycling law -Current status and issues for recycling

・Merger talks start between JARA and Big Wave

・Current status and issues for auto recycling

・METI, MOE review auto recycling law focusing on three themes

・BEST holds New Year party

・Current status and issues for auto recycling (Part 1)

・Interview with Makoto Kanazawa, chief of Automobile Recycling Policy Office, Automobile Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, METI

・Ishigami Sharyo pledges seventh year of support for Hokkaido tree-planting program

・Nationwide JARA contest for shape-checking skills

・JARA holds its 1st gathering with parts suppliers

・METI, MOE host joint meeting to review auto recycling law

・New Year message

・Needs of recycled parts identified but the usage is low

2014 edition

・METI invites applicants for airbag and battery reuse survey

・ASEAN countries facing environmental issues as ELV generation on the rise

・Carec opens new warehouse. The move is part of the company's efforts to stregnthen its sales structure in a way that will encompass full range of customers.

・BEST marketing seminar focuses on image strategy and public relations

・IRT 2014 held in Kushiro

・JARA Corp. ties with CarPart.com

・Govt. hosts opinion hearing from four automotive groups

・METI report cites lack of awareness of reuse and rebuilt parts and need for classification

・Logistics study group holds 6th meeting

- September vol.79 -

・Kubota Auto Parts strengthens social contribution activities

・Sankei Shokai launches "Kizuna Project" to support Iwate auto service and repair businesses suffering from disaster

・Demand for recycled parts increase as vehicles age Repair cost hike also positive factor

・METI holds meeting for standardization of recycled replacement parts

・JARA Group Chubu-Kansai block holds owners and staff joint seminar in Shirakawago, Gifu

・BEST hosts basic training course

・Packaging specs reviewed in details

・IRT 2014 to take place in Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan

・Overseas business and agriculture

・BEST Recyclers Alliance hosts marketing workshop for executives

・Standard specs for door packaging undergo examination

・NPO JARA supports business seminar in Yamagata

・Most-important theme: "Harmony"

・NEARLY 80% OF USERS CHOOSE "NON-INSURANCE REPAIR" - Insurer group announces report on recycled auto parts

・SPN and EcoLine merge on April 1 - New company named JARA

・Imai named new chairman of SPN Club

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