General Meetings

JARA Corporation holds a networking opportunity in March every year, for the ordinary general meeting of shareholders, as well as for presentations about the activities and projects being undertaken by JARA Member corporations to stimulate communication among shareholders, member companies, and partner companies.

Recycled Automotive Part PR

JARA Corporation actively pursues PR opportunities, including stalls at events, to promote our work aimed at building the recycling-based society. We contribute to local communities and society in general by spreading awareness about automotive recycling and the utilization of recycled parts, further widening the scope of environmentally friendly activities.

System Training Sessions – District Meetings

We facilitate closer exchange and networking among JARA Members by providing opportunities to exchange information about their work, and we give presentations about new functions and services on the JARA System to Members every year.

Networking Sessions & Factory Visits to Rebuilt & GP Parts Suppliers

JARA Corporation holds a networking session with rebuilt & GP parts suppliers every year to provide opportunities to look back over sales for the year, to review measures and policies, and to exchange opinions about future undertakings.
Suppliers also work with JARA to run a range of campaigns as well as workshops and factory visits for JARA Member companies to extend their knowledge about rebuilt and GP parts.

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