Our Engagement in Society

JARA Corporation believes that we establish mutual trust through our business activities by meeting the expectations of our various business stakeholders, and that this leads to sustained growth for the company, as well as heightened trust from the community.

  • Customers
    Pursuing and improving customer satisfaction (CS)
    Appropriately managing customers’ information
    Holding presentations and on-site visits
  • Business Partners
    Holding presentations and on-site visits
    Consulting with business partners on a daily basis
    Quality, environment, and CSR audits
  • Members
    Developing products and services from the customer’s point of view
    Supporting improvement among companies and employees
    Proper and prompt information disclosure
    Holding presentations, training sessions, and on-site visits
  • NGOs & NPOs
    Proactive dialog
    Advancing environmental and social contribution activities
  • Government
    Key government authority consultations and requests
    Notifications and surveys
    Meeting regulations
    Handling environmental administration and regulation
  • Local Community
    Environmental protection activities
    Participating in and supporting local community events
  • Employees
    Management meetings
    Professional training and environmental education
    Internal publicity activities
  • Shareholders
    General meetings of shareholders (business report, etc.)
    Preparing prospectuses and pamphlets
    Managing and operating the website

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