Towards the Recycling-Based Society

Automotive recycling leads to effective use of earth’s limited resources and to construction of a sustainable, recycling-based society.

Currently, around 3.2 million vehicles meet the end of their life (scrapped) each year in Japan.

End of life vehicles have been recycled for their materials and parts because they are a highly valuable resource containing useful metals and parts.

On the other hand, there are concerns about their impact on the global environment, as illegal dumping and inappropriate disposal release harmful substances and chlorofluorocarbon gas, which pollute land and underground water, and damage the ozone layer.

In response to this problem, Japan enacted its first vehicle recycling law in 2005.

A recycled part is a reusable part removed from an end of life vehicle. There are “reuse parts”, which are inspected, cleaned, and their visual appearance improved, as well as “rebuilt parts”, which are worn or deteriorated parts that are removed, repaired, and brought up to the same performance as new parts.

Reusing such parts contributes greatly to environmental protection and the prevention of global warming because it enables us to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) emission as well as resource and energy consumption from producing new parts.

We at JARA are actively building the “automotive recycling-based society”, by recycling vehicles to reduce our impact on the environment, for the future of the earth and our children.

Benefits of Using Recycled Parts

  1. Economical ? Kind to your hip pocket

    Using recycled parts enables cost savings of about 30 to 50% compared to repairs with new parts, depending on the parts and the repairs.

  2. Kind to the environment

    Unlike new parts, recycled parts use virtually no extra energy, so they contribute greatly to environmental protection and CO2 reduction.

  3. High quality + Guarantee = Reliability

    Every part undergoes inspection, cleaning, and visual appearance improvement, and their quality is confirmed.
    (Guarantee periods differ by product.)

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