Environmental and Social Contributions

JARA is working to establish systems for recycling disaster-affected vehicles through relief work such as retrieving and removing mud and debris from vehicles damaged in natural disasters. We are also actively engaged in fundraising and material support for disaster-affected regions, so they can recover as soon as possible.

Supporting Kumamoto Earthquake Reconstruction

JARA made a donation to Kumamoto City with the cooperation of many Member companies, in support of reconstruction after the Kumamoto Earthquake in April 2015.

The donation went into disaster recovery and reconstruction projects including school and road rebuilding works by Kumamoto City.

JARA is also contributing through the Fukko Joshu Seido (Reconstruction Castle Lord Program), which garners long-term aid for the restoration and reconstruction of Kumamoto Castle, which was severely damaged by the earthquake.

JARA will continue to support these activities as much as possible into the future, to ensure the memories of this disaster and the motivation for reconstruction do not fade with time.

Supporting Reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake

After the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, JARA (SPN at the time) set up a Disaster Relief Unit and rapidly prepared support vehicles and materials before heading to the disaster-affected areas.

Once on site, JARA volunteered with other members of the Japan ELV Recycler’s Association to transport disaster-affected vehicles to temporary holding sites prepared by the local government authorities, after retrieving them and cleaning them of mud and debris.

Our relief activities continued for 3 months from the time the disaster struck to the end of May, with Member companies across Japan providing the vehicle carriers and heavy machinery needed for retrieval. An average of 42 volunteers per day assisted in the relief work, mainly in Sendai and Iwanuma, Miyagi, and retrieved and transported about 4,400 vehicles.

JARA will go on supporting reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake through both vehicle recycling and social contribution activities.

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