Contributing to CO2 Reduction

JARA Corporation has introduced the Green Point System, developed by the Japan Automotive Parts Recyclers Association, a Japanese recycled automotive parts logistics industry body, in collaboration with Waseda University’s Environmental Research Institute.

The Green Point System quantifies the CO2 reduction when using a recycled part compared to a new part. Using recycled parts leads to waste reduction and energy savings, and quantifying the CO2 enables the system to provide users with the extent of their contribution to the environment.

JARA Corporation promotes the uptake of recycled parts and contributes to the environment on a continuous basis through the supply and use of recycled parts, as a member of the Green Point Club, a body for the shared use of this system.

2023 JARA Corporation’s actual CO2 reduction

Category Total
Recycled parts 65,866t
Cedar trees 4,704,715.5

CO2 reduction of 261 kg from using a recycled engine compared to using a new engine (1,500 cc class)

Cedar trees Annual carbon dioxide absorption Equivalent to 18.6 trees
CO2 absorption per tree = 14 kg

※These figures apply to recycled parts distributed through the JARA network. The JARA Corporation CO2 reduction was calculated by a Waseda University research group using officially released formulae and data.

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