Recycled Automotive Parts Quality Control

Every day JARA works with JARA Member companies to reinforce and improve the quality of recycled automotive parts.

Our idea of product quality control is to safely deliver parts to customers in the same condition as the recorded condition after vehicle testing and checking. We are building systems to provide products that meet the needs of the times, primarily producing high-quality original parts, while also providing customer service based on the telephone service manual and standardizing parts descriptions based on operation guidelines.
We work hard to support product management, by reviewing our operation guidelines each year, and periodically auditing our member companies, with their cooperation (3 times a year).

In 2015, we linked up with a major general insurance company to launch the “JARA Support Guarantee Program,” the first product guarantee liability system in the automotive recycling industry, to give added impetus to market penetration by member companies’ high-quality JARA recycled parts.

Another way that JARA supports member companies is by operating systems that enable a wide variety of training workshops for different work areas and at different levels as we proactively engage in training personnel who can assist customers and the local community, while upholding our values as a part of the automotive recycling industry.

  • Maintaining thorough product management

  • JARA Support Guarantee Program

  • Providing wide-ranging training
    Practical training in bumper repair
    (Acquiring basic knowledge about auto body painting)

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