April 2003 Super-line Partners Network (SPN Inc.) established.
January 2004 Inventory sharing with ARN (company) commenced.
May 2004 RECO Japan Co., Ltd. established.
August 2005 Announcement of tie-ups with Ecoline Corporation and BIG WAVE inc for mutual sales of recycled parts.
September 2007 Inaugural Asia Recycling and the Environment Forum, a joint Chinese, Korean, and Japanese venture.
November 2008 Automotive Recyclers International Round Table Meeting (Australia)
November 2009 2nd Asian Automotive Environmental Forum (Tohoku University, Sendai)
August 2010 100% acquisition of Super-line Tohoku
November 2010 ISO9001 certification
January 2012 Announcement of formation of BEST Alliance with Ecoline Corporation and Big Wave inc to strengthen parts distribution business
April 2014 Amalgamation with Ecoline Corporation and creation of JARA Corporation
October 2014 Merger with Super-line Tohoku
Hosted 8th Automotive Recyclers International Round Table Meeting (NPO JARA, Kushiro)
Participated in Recycled Automotive Part Logistics Seminar.
June 2015 JARA Peace of Mind Guarantee launched (tie-up with 4 major insurers).
October 2015 Hosted 8th Asian Automotive Environmental Forum (NPO JARA, Akita)
November 2015 Jointly exhibited with Toyota Tsusho Corporation at Messe Nagoya 2015.
June 2016 SNS-linked parts interface service launched.
August 2016 Talks for business tie-up with Hollander International(a British-based company) commenced.
September 2016 Tablet support launched.
October 2016 Participation in the Remanufacturing Working Group of the Life Cycle Engineering Technical Committee, The Japan Society for Precision Engineering
March 2017 Automatic production instruction check service launched.
Vehicle registration certificate QR code reader service launched.
Genuine product code guide launched.
April 2017 Presentation at Internatinal Automotive Aftermarket Conference (Malaysia)
September 2017 10th Automotive Recyclers International Round Table Meeting (Canada)
Presentation at World Remanufacturing Summit 2017 (Singapore)
October 2017 10th Asian Automotive Environmental Forum (Korea)
Presentation at Lecture on rebuilt industry development of the 2017 Meeting, by China Circular Economic Association Reprocessing Special Committee (China)
December 2017 JARA Comprehensive Insurance Program launched (tie-up with 4 major insurers).
October 2018 Head office moved to Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
November 2018 11th Asian Automotive Environmental Forum (NPO JARA, India)
July 2019 JARA Support Guarantee Program revision and launched.
October 2019 12th Asian Automotive Environmental Forum (NPO JARA, Kumamoto)
November 2019 JARA Vehicle Assessment System launched.
September 2020 Agreement and partnership with JAPRA Corporation for "next generation JAPRA system development"
December 2020 Started construction of large vehicle parts distribution system
December 2021 Started ATRS mutual distribution with JAPRA Corporation
February 2022 Search function of genuine parts' number of imported vehicle launched.
December 2022 Obtained ISMS certification
February 2023 5 system operating companies’ members exchange meeting
June 2023 C3 link option launched.
July 2023 NPO JARA 20th Anniversary Ceremony / Environmental Forum (NPO JARA, Hiroshima)
September 2023 Head office moved to Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
September 2023 Agency agreement with TCJ Co., Ltd.

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