In 2023 the coronavirus pandemic that plunged the world into unprecedented chaos has finally subsided, and it has been a year in which people have regained their vitality.

On the other hand, from the perspective of the global environment, disasters due to abnormal weather have occurred intermittently in various parts of Japan for more than half a year, making us once again aware of the effects of global warming. In order to solve this problem, the European Commission has formulated the Second Circular Economy Plan and is trying to take measures in a wide range of areas, from product design to recycling and reuse related to resource circulation.

Additionally, numerous scandals have occurred in the automotive industry, and restoring customer trust has become a major issue.

We, the automotive recycling industry, play a key role in solving these issues.

Appropriate dismantling of automotives realizes a circular economy by making efficient use of precious resources such as metals and resins, contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, and providing recycled automotive parts of even more reliable quality. Through these efforts, we are able to provide car owners with a safe and secure car life and contribute to restoring trust in the automotive industry.

We need to respond to structural changes in the automotive industry and the repair & maintenance market, as well as distribution forms such as electronic commerce. Our company will build a business model that widens the coverage of recycled parts for next-generation vehicles, and allows stable production and sales of recycled auto parts, through partnerships with recycling-related industries related and improved training programs in the recycled parts industry.

JARA Corporation, as a national platform for the automotive recycling industry to contribute to society, emphasizes “Real Place”, “Real Part”, and “Real Facts”. And we aim to be a leading company in the industry that continue to propose systems and services that respond to changes in the market by listening sincerely to customer communications.

May 8, 2024
Kenichiro Yajima, President
JARA Corporation(Japan Automotive Recyclers Alliance)

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