For vehicle users around the globe, in the spirit of Mottainai

In 1769, 248 years ago, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot invented a vehicle that ran on steam. Cars have vastly improved everyday life and extended the distance people travel each year to several times around the earth.
Mass production started in Japan in the 1930s and recently the annual number of cars that have reached the end of their life in Japan passed 3.33 million (2014).

In March 2005, a Kenyan woman, Wangari Maathai, the first Nobel peace laureate in the environment field, spoke to the world about “Mottainai” (literally “what a waste!”) while at the United Nations in New York for a Commission on the Status of Women event. Now, 30 years have already passed since our fore-runners at JARA started up a “second-hand automotive-part sales business” in the late 1980s.
The world has globalized rapidly since then, Japanese vehicles have spread throughout the world as well as Japan, and an automotive recycling law has been enacted here. Before we knew it, the name “second-hand part” changed to “recycled part” and these recycled automotive parts are attracting attention in Japan for their contribution to reducing the environmental burden from automotive repairs, but there are still hurdles to overcome before they are used widely.

It was against that social background that in 2014 SPN Inc. and Ecoline Corporation merged their operations divisions, a first for the automotive recycling industry and the beginning of the recycled automotive parts network, JARA Corporation, after receiving a 42% capital injection from Toyota Tsusho Corporation to boast the largest membership in Japan.

JARA Corporation was created to:

  • Develop, operate, and manage recycled part search systems,
  • Build a business that leverages economies-of-scale from the number of network member companies,
  • Link the recycling business with insurance and leasing companies, etc., and
  • Engage in numerous projects including professional development training for people working in the recycling field, as well as product development in recycled part production and sales through the activities of a group of volunteer network member companies, taking advantage of their experience and track record built up over more than 30 years.

We are also working to raise the profile of automotive recycling by joining with non-profit organizations (NPOs) and engaging with and holding international conferences with automotive recycling groups around the world, primarily ARA, the largest automotive recycling organization in the US.

There is great demand around the world for parts from end of life vehicles, including in Japan. Our intention is for vehicle users to extend their use of the world-class vehicles Japanese manufacturers make, so we will continue working to improve the convenience of recycled automotive parts for users around the world and to reduce the burden on the environment.

December 2017
Sosho Kitajima – Representative Director and President
JARA Corporation(Japan Automotive Recyclers Alliance)

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