JARA System Services

JARA is building one of the largest automotive recycling platforms in Japan to provide JARA System Services to quality automotive recyclers across Japan.

ELV適正処理管理システム JARAシステム(ATRS/SPL) JARAシステム(ATRS/SPL) リパーツダイレクトシステム(RDS) JARA会員ネットワーク

  • ELV Recycling Management System
    This system enables central management of paperwork, from delivery of the end of life vehicle (ELV) to recycling, allowing for a large reduction in paperwork hours.
    Simultaneous use of ATRS Parts Mode enables linked income/expenditure controls.
  • ATRS
    Automobile Total Recycling System
    Super-line System
    The Super-line System is for automotive recyclers, it is purpose built for parts sales, and incorporates recycled automotive parts sales know-how. It enables the search, purchase, and sale of recycled products that meet high quality standards.
  • RDS
    Reparts Direct System
    Groundbreaking recycled parts procurement system for parts dealers and automotive repairers that enables the easy purchase over the internet of recycled parts from the vast inventories on the ATRS and SPL systems.

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